Current facial recognition applications are typically phone-specific and information about your facial features are stored elsewhere.

The Authentik Systems application keeps sensitive personal information confined to a specific device.

NO! The Fig does not store your fingerprint.

The Fig has secure technology that, when enrolling an employee onto a specific device, captures several points of the finger print onto the device.

This information will never be able to jeopardize your identity.

Absolutely!  The Fig integrates with almost all major payroll systems. If you use one that we don’t currently integrate with we can set up that integration.

“Buddy Punching” is the act of stealing company time.

This occurs when an employee clocks another employee in for work when they are not physically on site or working.

This cannot occur when employees make use of the Fig.

Then the Fig and the Authentik Application will store the details of the time stamp and save them in what is called store and forward.
When the phone makes a connection again, the app will automatically pass along the saved time stamp to the system.

The timestamp will be when the user swiped their finger on the Fig, not when the connection happens, so no matter where or when the swipe happens that correct time stamp will be captured!

The Mobile app collects this information and compiles it in a time stamp.

It accomplishes this by pinging the mobile device’s GPS chip to get an exact location and recording those longitude and latitudes on the time stamp.

If a cellular signal is not currently available the application will record the time and location of the swipe and upload that information as soon as a signal becomes available.

That depends on how you want to use the Fig. Only one person needs to have the application in range on their phone when someone checks in.

If there is one supervisor for a crew of employees, that supervisor will typically be the one to have the application on their phone. If each employee is on their own in the field they will need to have the phone application as well.

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