Biometric Key

 No Fingerprint Data Stored

Personalized Device = Healthy Check-ins
Last Up to 7 Days

Understanding The Problem

What Sets Us Apart

The Technology

Vehicular Telematics

Use the Fig as an authorization key to grant or deny permission to vehicles based on who, when, and where.

Real time tracking of each person and vehicle so you never have to worry about an unauthorized person operating a vehicle again.

Restricted Access

The Fig works as an authentication key to grant access WITHOUT the need of an internet connection. This means the Fig can be used in secure areas or without wifi or cellular access, pretty much anywhere!

The Fig does NOT send actual biometric data meaning all information remains 100% secure and confidential.

Each Fig is keyed to only one person to ensure maximum security and providing you Who, What, and Where with complete accuracy.

Employee Tracking

Use the Fig for remote authentication of employees’ activities such as time and job tracking as well as real-time tracking of job-related activities.

Always knows with 100% certainty Who, When, and Where an employee clocks in or clocks out of a job or shift, completely eliminating buddy punching!

Technology That Powers The Fig