We Can Save You Time and Money.

Mobile or centralized hourly workforce?  You can recover up to 5% more earnings per payroll with a paperless time-clock solution that verifies worker identity and location. 




Less Paper, More Profit.

Paper timekeeping is prone to errors, and misreporting costs you time and money.

Arm yourself with The FIG - the only remote biometric time card system that provides indisputable verification of Who, When, and Where.

How We Work



What is The FIG?      

The FIG is a biometric fingerprint-based time logging solution that provides
100% accurate workforce verification at an affordable cost.

Cloud based, person-specific, and system-agnostic, the FIG provides mobile biometric authentication without compromising user data. How do we do this? Learn more here.


The system pays for itself - most
customers see a return on investment in
the first pay period.



Our first-class durable resin
resists scratching and


Encrypted devices ensure privacy. Our proprietary biometric solution verifies identity without compromising it. 


Cut your payroll time in half.

From Home Cleaning to Home Health, Agriculture to Landscaping and HVAC, we’ve got you covered.

With Authentik Systems, what used to take days now takes minutes. And most importantly, payroll is more accurate which saves you money - the system pays for itself.

Industries Served

Manage From Anywhere.

Instead of checking in from the office, your team can check-in using their existing phones and tablets - wherever they are.

Keep a finger on the pulse of your workforce with the ability to check employee time and location from anywhere/anytime using the Authentik Time Mobile App or using the Authentik Time Dashboard on a desktop.



1 - 25

$165 / Unit

$7 / Month / Device 

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custom packages. 

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Why Authentik?

On average, 3-4% of payroll costs are lost due to buddy punching, unauthorized overtime,
and inaccurate supervisory discretion. Biometrics prevents this.


Untethered Biometric Authentication

Cloud Based


GPS Tracked Time

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