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Want 100% Accuracy? Our Fig allows personal biometric tracking for employees so you can be sure, with 100% accuracy, Who, When, and Where.

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Features Designed To Help

Time Management

  • Multiple views to easily see all time data at a glance
  • Easy to Add or Edit time entries
  • Track Time for specific Jobs and Tasks
  • See who is active right now and what they are working on
  • Easily Sort and Filter to only see the data you want
  • Smart Time rules to help you spot errors

Job Tracking

  • Create jobs and tasks to keep track of your work
  • Assign Crew and Supervisors to jobs and tasks
  • Crew can automatically get assigned to jobs and tasks upon clock-in

Payroll and Reporting

  • Integrate with your choice of Payroll provider
  • Keep track of all past payrolls
  • Submit payroll with a few easy clicks
  • CSV exports and other reporting tools to keep track of what is important

Personal Remote Biometrics

  • Easy to use
  • Each Fig (device) gets assigned to a specific employee, eliminating buddy punching
  • Know who, when, and where with 100% accuracy
  • Free Fig replacement
  • Learn more about The Fig here

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"As the owner of a payroll company I’m constantly looking for ways to simplify and streamline employee management. When introduced to AuthentikTime, I knew it would be the solution that so many small business owners were looking for. Getting started was a breeze, all the steps were easy to follow and their customer service and support team are very responsive and a pleasure to work with! I’m so thankful there is a product like AuthentikTime for managing todays workforce, giving business owners the peace of mind they need!"
Mollie G. - Owner | Payroll Vault - North Metro Denver
“We love the system. We find the administrative reports very user friendly and useful. The “Who’s Here Report” is a report that we use daily. The time is uploaded easily into our payroll system (Paychex) and this has cut our payroll time in half.”
Pam B. - Manager of Operations | JAD Business Services
"The Fig takes the guesswork out of time-keeping and puts the responsibility of time management on the shoulders of the employee, not a supervisor or manager”
Ted C. - Payroll Manager | JAD Business Services
“My company has been providing solutions for time and attendance for over 25 years. The unique solution provided by AuthentikTime is a game changer. The solution provides an answer to many companies with a remote work force for compliance, accuracy and safety.”
Mike S. - CDO | Paypro

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