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Remote Biometrics

We’ve Solved The Privacy & Health Concerns….

We Believe A Person's Information Should
Belong To Them & Only Them

The Fig Is A Personal Key

Personal Health

1 Person / 1 Device


No Storage of Data Anywhere




Save Time,
Save Money

Markets Served

Over 60 Million Remote Workers

Payroll Firms Time & Attendance

Construction Oil & Gas, Agricuture Other Sources



As the owner of a payroll company I’m constantly looking for a ways to simplify and streamline employee management. When introduced to the FIg, I knew it would be the solution that so many small business owners were looking for!

- Mollie G
Owner | Payroll Vault North Metro Denver

There are over 40 million workers in the U.S. today working in remote locations where biometrics cannot be used for the authentication of who, when, and where. The FIG has removed this encumbrance from the biometric landscape and offers peace of mind for employers everywhere.

- Richard Cira
CEO and Founder Authentik Systems

My company has been providing solutions for time and attendance for over 25 years. The unique solution provided by the FIG is a game changer. The solution provides an answer to many companies with a remote work force for compliance, accuracy and safety.

- Mike Steele
Partner | Paypro