Industry Solutions

If your workforce is mobile, we have your time keeping solution.

High-security biometric punch-in devices allow for remote, automated workforce management - ensuring accuracy and saving you time.

From Agriculture to Utilities (and every industry in-between), our solution is customizable, easy to use, and scalable.


Key Industries Served

  • Agriculture
  • Cleaning / Custodial
  • Construction / Contracting
  • Facilities Management
  • Gas / Oil / Utilities
  • Home Healthcare / Social Service and Assistance
  • Landscaping
  • Non-Profit

Will it work for my industry?

Yes! Biometric timekeeping can improve the speed and accuracy of your payroll process, regardless of the industry.

Let us help you save time and money  with our mobile, customizable, and scalable time and attendance system.

Ready to reclaim time and money while growing your business?

Call us at 443-249-3352 - let's talk about: 

  • Affordably automating your workforce time management
  • Biometric Solutions that provide indisputable verification of time in and time out
  • Online access to information about your team
  • Getting a return on investment in your first pay period