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We use a secure mobile device to log your workforce hours and streamline your payroll. This simple step can help you recover up to 5% more value from each payroll without cutting workforce. 

Let Authentik Systems do the work for you, including easy linkup to accounting and payroll services including Quickbooks, ADP, and Paychex.

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Biometric Solutions

We have the only biometric timekeeping solution that can log whoever from wherever, without being tethered to a phone or a computer - The FIG.

What is The FIG?

The FIG is the first cloud based, person specific, system agnostic mobile biometric authentication device. The device encapsulates a matrix of the user’s finger print, not the fingerprint itself, and stores that data within the FIG itself.

The biometric data never leaves the device in communication between the hardware and a system, meaning users and their data are protected from any malicious attempt to steal their personal data.

A simple swipe of a finger can transmit exact data like: Who, What, Where, and When. Each employee enrolls onto a device during initial onboarding and carries it with them on to the job site. Once swiped, the FIG verifies the swipe data against what is stored on the device and if accepted sends a Bluetooth signal to a cell phone, transmitting the employees serial number, location, and time of check-in to the phone.

“There are over 40 million workers in the U.S. today working in remote locations where biometrics cannot be used for the authentication of who, when, and where,” commented Authentik Systems Founder and CEO, Rick Cira. “The FIG has removed this encumbrance from the biometric landscape and offers peace of mind for employers everywhere.”

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